15 Signs You’re A Crazy Boston Terrier Person… and Damn Proud To Be!

15 Things only Boston terrier owners know

Though the tough-looking mug of a Boston terrier can give you the impression these sturdy little dogs are ready to brawl, they are far more interested in being your best furry friend than fighting you. Here are a few more fun facts that only Boston terrier owners know to be true.

1. Despite that tough pugnacious face, Boston terriers are lovers not fighters
2. They may be small, but Boston terriers are sturdy canines that can hang with the big dogs
3. Boston terriers are exceedingly adaptable to your lifestyle
4. They are low-odor dogs when it comes to their coat but can clear a room with their frequent flatulence
5. Boston terriers sit and sleep in the most ridiculous positions
6. Spend even a few minutes with a Boston terrier pup and you'll immediately want one (or more)
7. The Boston terrier is an all-American canine and the official dog of Massachusetts
8. Their unforgettable facial expressions will make you laugh
9. Boston terriers don't understand your personal space unless it means they are in it
10. Despite the name, Boston terriers aren't recognized as terriers by the American Kennel Club
11. Boston terriers are shameless slobber monsters
12. Boston terriers show unbridled enthusiasm in everything they do
13. Don't let their small size fool you — Boston terriers can make big messes if left alone
14. Boston terriers get along famously with other pets
15. The Boston terrier's life mission is to be your best friend forever
Boston Terrier Dogs are the Best! Here are the Most Common Reasons and Facts!

The Boston Terrier is a popular breed of dog that is now recognized by people from many countries around the world.
Lots of people are getting interested in having this unique dog breed for many reasons! Many people says that they could not have any other dog breed than the Boston Terrier breed. Other people says that they would have more Bostons if they could.
What the reality is, it’s that when you love the Boston Terrier breed, you have to say that the Boston Terrier Dogs are the best and they are for many reasons and facts!
What are the Facts and Reasons Why Boston Terrier Dogs are the Best?!

Here is a list with the most common facts and reasons why people are loving this breed!

1. They are great family dogs. They are good with kids and also with old people!
2. They are funny dogs that can make people laugh for hours. They have a great sence of humor!
3. Bostons are smart! They have an extreme intelligence. They are among the most intelligent dog breeds!
4. They are practically easy to train because they love to learn!
5. They have a lot of personnality!
6. They are very cute!
7. They are extremely loyal to their family!
8. Boston Terriers are one of the dog breeds that shed very little hair.
9. Boston Terriers are one of the dog breeds that don’t smell like dogs.
10. They got nicknamed “American Gentleman” because their coat is looking like they are wearing a tuxedo. They look like they are well dressed even if they don’t wear any clothes!
11. The Boston University mascot is a Boston Terrier!
12. They are not yappy. They don’t bark a lot. The only times they do is when it’s necessary. Unsually, they only bark when alarmed by a noise or when they are excited during play time.
13. They are not too small and not too big. The Boston Terrier Breed Standard weight is between 15 and 25 pounds. They can easily be carried. They are the perfect size to take everywhere with you!
14. They can live a long and healthy life. Their life span average expectency is around 11 to 15+ years.
15. They are in the Top longest-living dog breeds!
16. They love to lay in the sun!
17. They are affectionate and they love to cuddle!
18. They have a lot of kisses to offer!
19. They really love to play any games (fetch, frisbee, agility…)
20. They can get along with other dogs, cats and pets.

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57 Killer Reasons Why BT Rock

"Boston Terriers are a truly unique breed of dog that will give you hours of laugh, years of companionship and love for a lifetime.
It’s quite common for Boston Terrier owners to have more than one Boston and a few people have mentioned on our ‘Share Pics of Your Boston Terrier‘ board (comment on the board and you can add a pic of your BT here too) on Pinterest that they would have 10 BTs if they could. So what is it about this breed that captivates so many people and creates such a deep passion? Let’s see how long we can grow this list!

Here is my 57 killer reasons
  1. Boston Terriers are one of the rare breeds that don’t have a body odour so you won’t get that horrible dog smell in your home
  2. They have a big dog attitude in a small dog body – don’t be surprised if your puppy bosses around dogs 3 times her size
  3. They are called the American Gentleman  for their very stylish looking tuxedo markings, the perfect complement for an already stylish owner
  4. Bred specifically to be a companion dog, they will give you endless love 
  5. Bostons fart a lot so if you let out a sneaky you can blame it on your BT
  6. Boston Terriers have the ideal mix being great in apartments whilst still having energy to entertain
  7. They look incredibly cool in a bow tie
  8. Bostons are very intelligent dogs so they are easy to train 
  9. Due to their intelligence, Boston Terriers excel at agility and advanced training so you can teach them some really cool tricks and use complicated commands

  10. They almost completely understand your language so be careful if you want to hide something from your BT
  11. Boston Terriers have a very expressive face resulting in some very cute and funny times
  12. They are small but not yappy dogs
  13. Boston Terriers are the official state dog of Massachusetts – since 1979
  14. They only need a bath every month or so (as they don’t have a body odour), unless they run a muck in the mud
  15. As they are small they don’t eat much so your wallet will thank you
  16. Bostons usually snore which can be really funny and adds to their quirkiness
  17. No need for expensive grooming services or hours of brushing – all your Boston needs to keep looking sharp is a quick brush once a week
  18. Boston Terriers don’t shed a lot of hair so you’ll only get the odd strand here and there unlike other breeds which can leave your guests coated
  19. They have big beautiful round eyes that you could stare into forever
  20. Boston Terriers are not technically a Terrier breed
  21. They can strut their stuff with top models and have been featured in many fashion campaigns
  22. Bostons are great with children, the perfect family dog
  23. While looking very stylish the Boston Terrier is welcoming and lively, not at all snobby
  24. Boston Terriers only need moderate exercise to keep them healthy
  25. BTs have the cute 90 degree head tilt down pat
  26. You’ll know if your Boston has been naughty by the guilty look on her face
  27. Boston Terriers are extremely loyal. I recently read a story about a BT who went to the door everyday for a month waiting for his owner who was sick in hospital. Now that’s a companion!
  28. This breed ranked second in the AKC registration statistics from 1905-1939 and have always been featured in the top 20 most popular dogs
  29. Bostons stay small with their weight ranging between 12-25 pounds
  30. They have a spirited but gentle nature – the perfect mix
  31. They were the first purely American dog breed to receive recognition by the AKC
  32. BT’s have been carefully bred  for over 100 years to be the gentle and loving companion dog they are today
  33. Boston Terriers have a gentle nature and most will greet everyone as a friend
  34. Their combination of small body and short hair means they feel the cold easily – the perfect excuse to dress them up in some cool dog accessories
  35. Bostons are one of the only breeds developed in the United States
  36. Bostons have an endless supply of kisses 
  37. They love cuddles on the couch
  38. Boston Terriers have really cool ears that stand up tall and pointy, coupled with their expressive face it really adds to their quirky style
  39. BTs have a box shaped head with a short muzzle for a unique look
  40. Bostons love to laze in the sun and soak up the rays
  41. Boston Terriers are known to have a friendly and lively temperament – no bossy ankle biters here!
  42. You’ll score extra treats at Halloween – no one can say no to a BT in a Halloween costume
  43. Boston Terriers are good guard dogs but will also be welcoming to your guests
  44. Some editions of The Wizard of Oz book had Toto illustrated as a Boston Terrier
  45. Bostons are as American as apple pie – There’s nothing hazy about the well documented history of this dog
  46. BTs are well-mannered and great companions for the the young and seniors
  47. This breed is born for the camera so you can get snap happy for some very cute pics
  48. They look stupidly cute when you dress them up
  49. They know how to rock hipster accessories
  50. Bostons can be very clown - like providing hours of entertainment and laughs
  51. BTs are small enough to sneak into a hotel so you don’t have to leave your mate behind when you travel
  52. They are so stylish they will fit right into 5 star accommodation (that allows dogs of course)
  53. Boston Terriers are small enough to fit into some very cool travel crates
  54. There are thousands of boston terrier themed products for humans so we can get all nostalgic
  55. Boston Terriers love to chill out on your lap
  56. Bostons have a killer smile
  57. But the best reason of all – Boston Terrier have a huge heart 

There are thousands more reasons why Boston Terriers rock and this list could be endless.

I’m about to jump head first into the wacky world of the Boston Terrier, we’re hitting the road to pick up our new puppy Stelly and I’m sure I will be inundated with many more reasons why Boston Terriers Rock."

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